Retirement Plans

Registered Investment Advisor

The Boon Investment Group, Inc. is a state registered advisor, located in Austin, Texas and is dedicated to providing effective professional investment management services to pension and profit sharing plans. Services include asset allocation reviews, performance monitoring, portfolio structure analysis, meeting with plan participants, fund selection and conducting educational and enrollment meetings.

Employees of the Boon Investment Group, Inc. serve as the Investment Advisor Representatives to the plan and accounts are valued on a daily basis.


  • Ability to design, implement and manage customized asset allocation model portfolios to meet employers’ specific needs
  • Open architecture approach with a commitment to best-in-class offerings*
  • Independent and unbiased analysis of funds**
  • Co-fiduciary support may be provided
  • Institutional investments that do not have any embedded revenue sharing – 12b-1 fees, Sub-TA fees, or additional administration charges

* Plan size requirements must be met to have open architecture platform.
** Provided by Registered Investment Advisor.