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The Boon Group, Inc. Announces Its Vision to Change the Face of Healthcare

Austin, Texas – February 26, 2016 – The Boon Group, Inc. announced today its vision to change the face of healthcare. What if healthcare in America could be more affordable, more personal, more transparent, more human? The Boon Group believes that it can be.

“Today’s healthcare system has taken the consumers of healthcare out of the equation and we’ve lost sight of who is truly being affected,” says James Patton, President of The Boon Group. “We have a responsibility not only to our employees, but to our community. We want to be able to age fearlessly and live with purpose. All lives are precious, and we believe we can revolutionize healthcare one life at a time.”

The Boon Group believes that accessible and transparent healthcare is a basic human right for all. Compassionately driven, the company aims to change the face of healthcare through values-based leadership, with their employees and community at the top of the priorities list.

“We want to be an organization built on trust, and commitment to businesses and partnerships that are passionate and purposeful in their responsibility to serve the greater good,” says Sterling Boon, CEO of The Boon Group. “Our hope is that we’ll be a shining example in our community and beyond of how putting people first can change everything.”

Healthcare that is trustworthy and transparent is the starting point. The American healthcare delivery system is unsustainable. Overcharging by medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies drives the cost of insurance, increasing premiums and leaving people with limited options on how to manage their health, wellness and future. Now is the time to make a meaningful change in the way people receive healthcare.

About The Boon Group

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, The Boon Group® is a full service employee benefits company dedicated to putting people first. Empowered by a sense of service, we believe that accessible and transparent healthcare is a basic human right. We stand with the employers and employees who, just like all who work at The Boon Group, are faced with the daunting task of navigating our healthcare system. Together, we can find a better way for all Americans to access healthcare.