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Feds Issue Proposed Rule on Health Information Collected by Workplace Wellness Programs

Federal regulators on Thursday announced a proposed rule allowing voluntary employer workplace wellness programs to ask for health information, including some limited genetic details, from participants and their spouses. According to a statement by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency “is mindful that this change creates an exception to the general rule that no incentives may be provided for an employee’s genetic information. Read more.

‘There is Tremendous Profit-Taking Going On in Healthcare’

New York state has regulated surprise medical bills involving out-of-network charges. How can insurers, hospitals and physicians resolve these types of billing issues? Read more.

Obamacare Premiums Rise, Sort of as Predicted

If you buy insurance on the exchanges, your premiums are probably going up. New data released by the government indicate that the citizens of 19 states, almost three million people, will see increases of more than 10 percent, and four states will see increases of more than 25 percent. Read more.

Americans Spend More on Health Care but Get Less

A new report from the Commonwealth Fund strongly suggests that Americans spend far more on health care than other countries but with significantly poorer outcomes. The United States spends 17.1 percent of its GDP on health care, a far greater percentage than other developed countries. Read more.

N.Y. Attorney General Reaches Agreement with Urgent Care Clinics in ‘Surprise Medical Bill’ Action

Four companies running urgent care centers in New York have agreed to disclose more fully which insurance plans they accept, following an inquiry by the state’s attorney general that found unclear or incomplete information on their websites that could result in larger-than-expected bills for consumers. The agreements mark the first enforcement action brought under New York’s new “surprise medical bill” law, seen as one of the broadest in the nation. Read more.

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