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Federal Employment Law Changes for Government Contractors in 2014, Part I

For government contractors, the year 2014 may be remembered as the Year of Executive Employment Actions. Through new Executive Orders, directives to the Department of Labor, and new regulatory action, the Obama Administration used its executive authority to implement changes to employment practices in the government contracting community. Read more.

Out-of-pocket Costs Jump 11 Percent

Paying health care bills is only getting more difficult for consumers: Out-of-pocket costs for patients rose 11 percent in 2014, according to new data. The report by TransUnion Healthcare said that out-of-pocket costs jumped to an average $2,491 per patient in 2014, up from $2,245 the year before, mostly because of skyrocketing costs in joint-replacement procedures for areas such as the knee and hip. Read more.

Real-time Reporting Critical to ACA Administration, Compliance

The Affordable Care Act is bringing new administrative complexity to employers offering health plans to their employees. It includes new requirements for employee tracking and government filing, and represents a significant increase in employer liability. Read more.

Investigation Secures Wages and Benefits for More Than 1,000 Wrongly Classified Workers

A nearly five-year federal investigation of illegal business practices by 16 defendants in Utah and Arizona has yielded $700,000 in back wages, damages, penalties and other guarantees for more than 1,000 construction industry workers in the Southwest, the U.S. Department of Labor announced recently. Read more.

Major Employers Quickly Learning to Play by PPACA Rules

Large employers are successfully integrating the principles and requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into their benefits programs, with many finding that they have been able to contain the overall cost of providing health benefits to employees. Read more.

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