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Self-Insurance Draws New Converts among Small Employers

Many small businesses that were open to giving self-insurance a try already have done so, observers suggest. Yet a steady flow of hold-outs continues to make the switch, and employers who already are self-insured are gaining the benefit of more competition among stop-loss carriers for their business. Read more.

ACA’s Long-Term Impact on Employer-Sponsored Plans

The Affordable Care Act's short-term impact on employer-sponsored health insurance has been minimal, but that could very well change over time, according to a policy paper from the Wharton School. In the long run, the ACA may impact about 15 percent of the workforce. Read more.

A New Consideration for Contractors – Validation of Performance Measurement Systems

Should performance measurement systems be evaluated to ensure that they do not discriminate against members of protected groups? Proposed Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations suggest that this is a question for contractors to consider. Read more.

Premera Blue Cross Breach May Have Exposed 11 Million Customers’ Medical and Financial Data

Premera Blue Cross announced that up to 11 million customers' data--including medical and financial records--has been breached. To protect customers against phishing and lookalike emails, the company won't call or email affected customers; notifications will be sent via postal mail instead. Read more.

Checklist for Employers Considering Self-funding

For a lot of employers, moving to a self-funded model makes sense. However, before they consider this route they need to ask the right questions and understand what they might be getting themselves into. Read more.

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