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Obamacare Subsidies Face Skeptical Appeals Court Judges

The Obama administration’s claim that its health care overhaul allows subsidies on health plans bought through a federal exchange met skepticism from an appeals court panel, with two judges suggesting the law as written doesn’t support the payments. The tax subsidy dispute strikes at the financial heart of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, posing a broader threat than a challenge to a requirement that employers’ insurance cover birth control that was argued today at the U.S. Supreme Court. Read more.

New York City Mayor Signs New Paid Sick Leave Law

Starting April 1, New York City’s newly minted paid sick leave law – mandating coverage for all workers at businesses with five or more employees – will take effect. Expectations by city government officials highlight that paid sick leave will now be secured for 500,000 or more New Yorkers. Read more.

Federal Contractors under Pressure to Hire More Disabled

Regulations adopted last fall go into effect this week that require federal contractors to ask their workers if they have disabilities. Once all have responded, the contractors have to figure out what percentage of their workforce self-reports as disabled. The government “target” is seven percent. Read more.

Deltek: Contractor Profits Continue to Rise

It’s a good time to be a government contractor. Preliminary survey results from Deltek’s annual Clarity study show that 67 percent of government contractors reported profits of 10 percent or more in 2013 — double that of 2012. Read more.

Mount Pleasant Seeks a Better Prescription for Insuring its Employees

The South Carolina town of Mount Pleasant has dramatically revamped its employee health insurance system in a way that curbs costs while promoting employee health. They use a number of different wellness initiatives including programs that offer free pedometers, workout bags, and flu shots; lunchtime wellness classes; rewards for participating in health screenings; discounts; a healthy-lifestyle insurance plan option and more. Read more.

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