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Chris Jennings Hired by White House for Health Care Reform Push

Chris Jennings is expected to join the White House to aid the Obama administration with the final implementation of "Obamacare". Read more

Health Care Law is Legal, Enforcement is Another Issue

With the new stipulations for health care under the Affordable Care Act, many states, who are expected to regulate insurance markets, have not updated their laws to reflect the requirements of the new law. Read more

Soar or Crash Under PPACA? It’s Up To Brokers

The role of brokers will continue to evolve with the upcoming changes in health care reform. Brokers hold an important role in educating consumers on how to stay compliant with the new regulations and what products are available to their clients. Read more.

It Takes An Army: Tens of Thousands of Workers Roll Out Obamacare

The number of workers hired to implement President Obama’s new health care laws has reached tens of thousands and that employment number will continue to skyrocket, with federal agencies like the Internal Revenue Service working on hiring thousands more. Read more.