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Parties’ Budget Haggling Shifts to Specifics

House and Senate appropriations committee leaders have begun meeting to draft detailed spending bills ahead of Jan. 15, when funding for federal agencies expires. Their work became easier Tuesday when the Senate voted 67-33 to move ahead with the budget agreement, which sets the total that appropriations committees will spend in fiscal years 2014 and 2015. Read more.

Telemedicine Growing In Popularity

Doctor appointments can be hard to schedule. Sometimes illnesses can occur in the middle of the night or at work, and sometimes you just have a question that doesn’t require an in-person consultation. In all these cases and more, many people are turning to telemedicine for a convenient solution. Read more.

How Prevailing Wage Helps States

One construction business owner in Detroit, Michigan, dispels a few myths about prevailing wage and explains how it actually helps and benefits everyone, including taxpayers. Read more.

Insurers Are Offered Assistance for Losses

The White House is offering more money to insurance companies as an incentive for them to let people keep insurance policies that were to have been canceled next year. Read more.

Obamacare Update: Consumers See Progress But Insurers Smell Trouble

As the Obama administration closes in on its self-imposed deadline to fix the troubled online health insurance marketplace, consumer advocates say it is becoming easier for people to sign up for coverage but insurers warn that critical flaws continue to hinder participating health plans. Read more. 

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