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McDonald’s Has the Answer to Employee Retention

Soon, it may no longer be accurate to refer to a low-wage gig without benefits as a “McJob.” Recently the company that inspired the sad term is now attributing its recent growth to — wait for it — higher wages and more generous employee benefits. Read more.

Turning the Ship on Rising Health Care Costs

Despite countless efforts at reform by businesses, government, and consumer groups, health care costs continue to be very high in the U.S. as compared to other nations. The reasons are too complex to cover in one article, but three health care experts, drawn from the areas of insurance, providers, and research, recently shared some thought on where we stand with health care costs, and what employers and individuals can expect in the near future. Read more.

Employer Plans May Face Huge Non-English Notice Hurdle

Employers, insurers and benefits advisors are still trying to figure out the new federal health anti-discrimination regulations mean, and who will have to comply with the new requirements. Members of the benefits community are asking benefits lawyers for advice. Read more.

FDA Eases Paperwork to Help Some Patients Get Experimental Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration removed an obstacle from of its “compassionate use” policy this month, eliminating some paperwork that physicians must do to obtain experimental drugs for some patients with immediately life-threatening illnesses. Doctors will now file an application for FDA approval that contains just 11 questions, 15 fewer than the old form. Read more.

12 Ways to Count Employees for Health Plan Purposes

Employee counts are used to determine what laws, rules, fees, and penalties apply to a health plan and/or the employer sponsor. But the methods for counting employees are as varied as the laws that affect them. Read more.

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