Medical Solutions

MEC/Major Medical Dual Option

SmartMEC 2020 Plan

The SmartMEC 2020 Plan combines 100 percent employer-paid minimum essential coverage (MEC) with a voluntary full major medical plan, giving employers an integrated solution to avoid costly penalties and the ability to offer an affordable health plan to employees.

It’s a simple way to resolve issues faced by employers such as:
• Rising cost of health care
• Unaffordable health plans
• Complicated administration

Plan Highlights
• 100 percent employer-paid MEC using the SmartMEC 2020 Plan
• The SmartMEC 2020 Plan provides employees with 100 percent of the individual MEC benefits required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
• Voluntary full major medical plan using the 2020Choice Plan

Benefits of the SmartMEC 2020 Plan
• For as little as $60 per month, employers are able to:
   • Fulfill the requirements of the ACA employer mandate.
   • Avoid paying Penalties A and B for ACA noncompliance.
• Provide full major medical coverage as a voluntary option for employees
• Give employees two options:
   • SmartMEC Plan only
   • Major medical with the 2020Choice Plan (includes minimum value coverage)*

Give your employees more options with the SmartMEC 2020 Plan.

*Because employers are also offering ACA-compliant affordable minimum value coverage to employees, employers will not have to fear Penalty B if employees choose to purchase major medical coverage through state or federal exchanges.