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Contracting Officers (COR, COTR, TO, PO)

For more than 30 years, The Boon Group® has been sought out by the federal contractor community for our health and welfare compliance services. The Boon Group assists the contracting officer community in designing, implementing, and administering compliant fringe benefit programs.

Whether your client is a service contractor working under an even numbered (average) or odd numbered (individual) contract, or a construction contractor required to provide prevailing wages and certified payroll, The Boon Group has the necessary tools to help your client perform their contract to federal standards.

The Boon Group provides:

  • Tracking and accounting of fringe benefit contributions by contractor and employee
  • Reporting for audit trail accounting and Department of Labor compliance
  • Responses to Department of Labor inquiries regarding fringe benefit plans
  • Administration of hour bank and paid leave accounts
  • Jobsite benefit presentations and wellness programs

In addition to fringe administration and compliance, The Boon Group offers a full suite of benefits exclusively created for government contractors. Retirement, wellness, and proprietary hourly plans are designed and administered in-house to provide the highest level of benefits available on the market, while simultaneously reducing costs.

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