Administrative Capabilities


COBRA Services

Pursuant to a signed COBRA Services Agreement, the COBRA Division provides administration services including issuance of all required COBRA notifications, billing, and collection of COBRA premiums and eligibility maintenance. HIPAA Creditable Coverage Certificates are also issued and included with the COBRA Election Notice mailing. All COBRA notices are sent via proof of mailing through the post office.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

An HRA is an employer funded reimbursement plan. As part of Federal and State Prevailing Wage Laws, health and welfare dollars can be contributed to an HRA because these fringe benefit dollars are considered employer contributions.

The advantages of an HRA are:

  • Employer contributions can be excluded from employees’ gross income
  • An HRA can allow unused benefits to roll over from year-to-year
  • Employees’ accounts can be funded on a monthly basis
  • Benefits are limited to the amount of money in an employee account
  • Fringe dollars used as part of a HRA plan are excluded from employer payroll taxes and worker’s compensation premiums

Debit Card

ConnectXpress is the premier debit card for employers who want their employees to have the best benefits with the easiest access. The card eliminates the need for employees to pay cash for eligible services by accessing funds at the point of service.